Our firm provides comprehensive real estate services to facilitate any transaction or conveyance.  Our knowledge and experience in the real estate industry allows us to help you get the deal done, grow your investments, protect your interests and avoid future issues. Below are some of the Real Estate services that we offer:

•    Private Promissory Notes and Mortgages: We understand that the conventional way may not always be the best way. If you are selling or buying a property, and you would like to keep the transaction out of the hands of big lenders, we can help.

•    Real Estate Purchase Contracts: If you are adding to your investments, or if you are preparing to sell, it is important to protect your interests before closing. Whether it is a sale of a large piece of land with a lucrative business upon it, or a small house you are planning to rent, we draft contracts that are geared toward facilitating the transfer and preventing repercussions to you later.

•    Land Contracts and Lease Options: Once the deal is in place, and each party is ready to move forward, there are several methods on how to make sure that the money gets to the seller and the property gets to the buyer. We can provide advice as to the best method of finalizing a transfer for your situation, and tailor the actual conveyance to fit the parties’ needs.

•    Deeds and transfers: Is your house in survivorship? Are you selling your property to someone else? Our professional staff has the skill and knowledge to get your conveyance through the appropriate county offices as quickly as possible.

•    Transfer on Death Affidavits: As we also have considerable experience in the field of probate, we understand when our clients seek our advice on how to keep their estate out of the Courts. As attorneys focusing on both Real Estate and Estate Planning, we can help ensure that your Real Property transfers outside of probate.

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