Foreclosure and Debt Collection Services

The Law Offices of Jonathan A. Veley, LLC offers big-firm benefits with small-firm service in Foreclosure and Debt Collection litigation. Below is what we offer our Foreclosure and Debt Collection clients.

1.    VERTICAL PROCEDURAL INTEGRATION.  Since Jonathan A. Veley is a licensed title agent, our firm reduces the waiting time before foreclosure complaints are filed.  Title updates from existing loan policies are performed in-house, and the PJR is prepared by a title agency with which Mr. Veley is affiliated.  This flexibility allows us to file your complaint as much as a month earlier than law firm who do not have this integration.  NOTE:  Our title services are offered as a courtesy and are not mandatory; we will gladly work with your preferred provider, as well.  We offer tittle service because they save us (and you) time.

2.    FLEXIBILITY.  It is your money we’re trying to collect, and we never forget that, so getting it to you as quickly and as cheaply as possible is our top priority.  We employ a wide variety of tools in conjunction with traditional foreclosure remedies in order to move you from a loan in default to a workout, liquidation and recovery as efficiently as possible.  We are adept at:

a.    Cognovit judgments (in commercial settings);
b.    Workouts and modifications;
c.    Receiverships and Receiver’s sales (the new Ohio Receivership law codifies what we have been doing for years);
d.    Special masters’ auctions;
e.    Bankruptcy representation in both the Northern and Southern Districts of Ohio, including loan reaffirmation agreements.

3.    MOBILITY.  More than twenty years’ experience in the real estate and title industry has given me experience practicing in courts all across the state of Ohio.  There is no need to ask whether my firm can assist you in a particular county: if you need something done, that’s where we go for you.

4.    AGGRESSIVE DEFICIENCY COLLECTION.  Whether your deficiency is consumer or commercial, we do it all.    In commercial transactions, we don’t wait until your property is liquidated to start getting your money back from any available source.  We also can assist with asset investigation and lien attachment in other venues and jurisdictions, fraudulent conveyance actions, charging orders (and accompanying enforcement of your rights as an assignee), judgment debtor exams, and Section 2004 exams in bankruptcy.   If your customer is hiding your money, we will do everything we can to help you find it and recover it.

It is your decision how aggressive your want to be in your collections.  Whether you ask us simply to liquidate collateral or to go to the ends of the earth to recover what’s yours, we can provide you with what you need.

Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services

Our firm provides comprehensive real estate services that we can package to facilitate any transaction or conveyance.  Our knowledge and experience in the real estate industry allows us to help you get the deal done, grow your investments, protect your interests, or avoid future issues. Below are some of the Real Estate services that we offer:

•    Private Promissory Notes and Mortgages: We understand that the conventional way may not always be the best way. If you are selling or buying a property, and you would like to keep the transaction out of the hands of big lenders, we can help.

•    Real Estate Purchase Contracts: If you are adding to your investments, or if you are preparing to sell, it is important to protect your interests before closing. Whether it is a sale of a large piece of land with a lucrative business upon it, or a small house you are planning to rent, we draft contracts that are geared toward facilitating the transfer and preventing repercussions to you later.

•    Land Contracts and Lease Options: Once the deal is in place, and each party is ready to move forward, there are several methods on how to make sure that the money gets to the seller and the property gets to the buyer. We can provide advice as to the best method of finalizing a transfer for your situation, and tailor the actual conveyance to fit the parties’ needs.

•    Deeds and transfers: Is your house in survivorship? Are you selling your property to someone else? Our professional staff has the skill and knowledge to get your conveyance through the appropriate county offices as quickly as possible.

•    Transfer on Death Affidavits: As we also have considerable experience in the field of probate, we understand when our clients seek our advice on how to keep their estate out of the Courts. As attorneys focusing on both Real Estate and Estate Planning, we can help ensure that your Real Property transfers outside of probate.

Wills, Estate Planning, and Probate Services

Planning your estate, or administering your loved one’s estate, can be a difficult time for everyone involved. When it comes to your Will, and your estate plan, it pays to be prepared for when you pass away. When it is you who are tasked with being an executor or a trustee of an estate, you need someone you can trust to quickly wrap up the affairs of the estate and to get you back to normalcy. Below is how we can help you with your estate planning and probate needs:

  • Wills: There are many websites out there offering to do your will for less than $100. However, you get what you pay for. We stand by our work, and a contest to any Will that is witnessed and signed in our office has to go through us. That is not a service you can get from “quickie will” sites.
  • Durable Powers of Attorney: Due to recent events in the media and advancements in medicine, more and more people are thinking about what may happen if they are put into a position where they cannot make decisions for themselves. However, POAs are powerful documents and should be tailored to match your family situation. We provide such advice and draft POAs to suit your needs.
  • Healthcare Powers of Attorney and Living Wills: In light of the above, many people also want to make their wishes known in situations where they are incapacitated due to medical reasons. These documents are complicated, and can have great impact when other people are making medical decisions for you.
  • Navigating the probate process: an estate can be straightforward and only require the filing of a couple of documents. Some estates can be incredibly complicated, with many assets and debts to account for, balance, and distribute. We have over 20 years of experience with this sometimes complicated process in Licking County, and can help you with any size estate.

Title Services

Jonathan A. Veley has been a licensed title insurance agent in the state of Ohio since 1993.  From 1993 until 1999, he was an agent with Lawyers Title Agency of Licking County, Inc.  In 1999, he established Jonathan Title Agency, Inc., of which he remains the president and sole shareholder.  In 2008, he became a member in Capital Title Agency of East Central Ohio, Ltd., which failed in 2009.

Mr. Veley is proud to announce that he has formalized an agreement with Ohio Title Agency of Johnstown, Ohio, by which he continues to provide the same real estate title examinations, document preparation, closing and settlement services for his clients as before, as an independent contractor for Ohio Title.  Mr. Veley does not charge additional fees above and beyond what Ohio Title Agency charges and is compensated for title services through Ohio Title Agency.

Questions and answers:

  • Is my title insurance issued by Jonathan Title or Capital Title still good?  Yes, all title policies issued by Jonathan Title Agency were underwritten by Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, which is now owned by Fidelity Title.  Policies issued by Capital Title were underwritten by Ohio Bar Title Insurance Company, a subsidiary of First American Title Insurance Company.
  • Can I still get a discount using my Jonathan Title or Capital Title policy?  Yes, all policies less than 10 years old qualify for a discounted rate on a new policy covering the same policy, regardless of what agency or underwriter issued the prior policy.
  • Why should I use Mr. Veley rather than going directly to Ohio Title?  Mr. Veley personally examines the titles for his clients and personally conducts the closings for his clients, at no additional charge to the client.  Mr. Veley does this as an additional service for his clients.
  • Can I get a copy of my prior title work?  Mr. Veley has scanned all Jonathan Title Agency files from 1999 to 2008.  Mr. Veley has some records from Capital Title, but these records are incomplete.  There is a $25 research charge to provide additional copies of prior policies.

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