The Law Offices of Jonathan A. Veley, LLC offers big-firm benefits with small-firm service in Foreclosure and Debt Collection litigation. Below is what we offer our Foreclosure and Debt Collection clients.

1.    VERTICAL PROCEDURAL INTEGRATION.  Since Jonathan A. Veley is a licensed title agent, our firm reduces the waiting time before foreclosure complaints are filed.  Title updates from existing loan policies are performed in-house, and the PJR is prepared by a title agency with which Mr. Veley is affiliated.  This flexibility allows us to file your complaint as much as a month earlier than law firm who do not have this integration.  NOTE:  Our title services are offered as a courtesy and are not mandatory; we will gladly work with your preferred provider, as well.  We offer tittle service because they save us (and you) time.

2.    FLEXIBILITY.  It is your money we’re trying to collect, and we never forget that, so getting it to you as quickly and as cheaply as possible is our top priority.  We employ a wide variety of tools in conjunction with traditional foreclosure remedies in order to move you from a loan in default to a workout, liquidation and recovery as efficiently as possible.  We are adept at:

a.    Cognovit judgments (in commercial settings);
b.    Workouts and modifications;
c.    Receiverships and Receiver’s sales (the new Ohio Receivership law codifies what we have been doing for years);
d.    Special masters’ auctions;
e.    Bankruptcy representation in both the Northern and Southern Districts of Ohio, including loan reaffirmation agreements.

3.    MOBILITY.  More than twenty years’ experience in the real estate and title industry has given me experience practicing in courts all across the state of Ohio.  There is no need to ask whether my firm can assist you in a particular county: if you need something done, that’s where we go for you.

4.    AGGRESSIVE DEFICIENCY COLLECTION.  Whether your deficiency is consumer or commercial, we do it all.    In commercial transactions, we don’t wait until your property is liquidated to start getting your money back from any available source.  We also can assist with asset investigation and lien attachment in other venues and jurisdictions, fraudulent conveyance actions, charging orders (and accompanying enforcement of your rights as an assignee), judgment debtor exams, and Section 2004 exams in bankruptcy.   If your customer is hiding your money, we will do everything we can to help you find it and recover it.

It is your decision how aggressive your want to be in your collections.  Whether you ask us simply to liquidate collateral or to go to the ends of the earth to recover what’s yours, we can provide you with what you need.

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